Your Roof: Supporting Snow This Winter

0.6.3_roof-992846__180-150x150Snow is beautiful and can be tons of fun to play in, but too much of a good thing can have adverse repercussions. Snow can impact travel and down electricity lines, but snow damaging your roof is a lesser thought of consequence that can also have serious effects. To help you combat the effects of snow damage and keep your home safe and warm all winter long, we walk through the details of how snow can damage your roof.

Snow can damage a roof in a number of ways. First, snow near the roof can begin to melt due to the heat from indoors escaping through the roof. The melt-off can become trapped by the ice and snow above it, causing the water to seek out weak points and increasing the chances of a roof leak.

Sneaky Snow Damage

Snow can also damage a roof by its sheer weight and volume. Heavy accumulations on the roof can add extra weight that your roof may not have been designed to support. This is a problem seen more often in older roofs, but can occur on virtually any roof given the proper circumstances. If you attempt clear snow from your roof, be extremely cautious with your safety and the security of your roof material. Avoid using melting salts and chemicals and never use a shovel to scrape the roof material clean.

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