Is Your Roof Ready for Santa and Cold Winter Weather Ahead?

All year long you’ve tried as hard as you could to be nice, despite the constant temptation to be naughty. And very soon you’ll reap the benefits of of all that “niceness” as Santa and his reindeer pay you a visit. He’s making a list and checking it twice. Maybe you should do the same! The cold winter weather ahead means it’s time to make your own list of items to check off to assure your roof is ready for cold winds, snow, ice and freezing rain, an wreak havoc on roofs if not properly prepared.

By following a few simple steps, you can help prepare your roof for harsh winter weather as well as Santa’s arrival, and ensure your roof is in top condition as we approach the end of December and get ready for the winter season ahead:


  • Check the cutouts  – and look for animal damage.  330x228_squirrel_roof
    During this time of year, squirrels and raccoons tend to look for warm places to stay, namely in your roof and attic. Check soffit vents and gable vents to be sure they have not become entryways for small animals to access areas of your home’s structure. This is also the time of year to make sure that any skylights, chimneys, or ventilation systems are watertight and protected. These items are great additions to your home but, are essentially cutouts in your roof. It is important to make sure that the materials that are in place to keep them water tight are intact.
  • Debris in gutters and downspouts.  
    The fall season brings often leaves, pine needles, sticks and other debris into your gutter system. If your gutters are clogged or blocked, they can’t do their job. And during the cold winter months clogged gutters can contribute to ice damming – which can wreak havoc shingled roof systems. If you’ve not yet done so, be sure to check your gutters to make certain they are clear and free from debris.
  • Prepare for future rounds of extreme winter weather.330x228_winter_ahead_sign
    The winter season is just about to formally begin, and we are just beginning to feel the effects of the cold, windy weather ahead. Is your roof in good enough shape to withstand the upcoming harsh winter weather? To be sure, you may want to speak to a roofing professional about how to prevent problems this winter.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance.  
    Roof inspection is an inexpensive way to have peace of mind this winter.Schedule either an annual or bi-annual inspection and be sure maintenance is performed as needed to ensure the integrity of your roof and your home. Protect your safety and the roof’s warranty by hiring a professional. Professionals know how to do it right – and safely. Besides the obvious safety risks, climbing onto and installing anything onto your roof may void the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • How are the roof flashings?330x228_flashing_hole
    The flashing is an important aspect of your roofing system as it connects, covers, and protects gaps and small openings in between the roofing and chimneys, skylights, protruding windows, and many other areas of your home.
  • Are there cracked and/or missing shingles?
    Cracked and/or missing shingles will lead to leaks inside your home. So if you want your winter to be leak-free, get any damaged shingles replaced ASAP.
  • Are there leaks inside your home?
    If you see any water marks or visible signs of water damage inside your home, including the attic, the best thing to do is to call in a professional roofer to get the leaks fixed immediately. Don’t wait for things to get worse before you take action.

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