White Elastomeric Roof Coatings Provide Green Benefits & Energy Savings!

0.6.11_Elastomeric_White_Roof_CoatingRecord setting summer heat has increasingly made headlines in recent years. In many communities that All American Roofing serves in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania, the large number of traditional flat black roof tops on residential and commercial buildings contribute to the problem because they absorb, retain and radiate heat. As a result the temperature in many urban communities is often 10 to 15 degrees hotter than in surrounding suburban or rural areas, in large part due to the high concentration of traditional flat black roofs. This phenomenon is known as the “heat island effect”, which scientists believe is contributing to both global warming and increased energy consumption.

In addition to raising external temperatures in their vicinity, the heat retained in black roofs also transfers inside, into the buildings below, putting a strain on air conditioning and interior climate control systems; while contributing significantly to increased energy costs. The good news is – All American Roofing can help!

To provide a cooler alternative to black asphalt roofs, reflective roof coating systems have been developed. While aluminum roof coatings are available, the better alternative is white elastomeric roof coating.

Why? Tests show that white elastomeric roof coatings can provide a solar reflectance over 90% in the first year and 78% after 3 years, and emit 86-87% of absorbed heat energy. While aluminum roof coatings are also highly reflective, they are not considered a “cool roof” coating because they only emit 50% to 60% of the absorbed energy. This means that aluminum roof coating will stay warmer at night, retaining heat, while a white roof coating will radiate much more of its stored heat. For this reason, aluminum will not perform quite as well as a white material with a similar solar reflectance.

While it’s true that a white elastomeric roof coating system is initially more expensive than aluminum coating, it can significantly improve operating costs, reduce utility bills, benefit the surrounding environment and have been proven to actually lengthen the lifespan of roofs… which over time make it the better investment.

White elastomeric roof coatings from All American Roofing are an economical solution to reduce radiant heat both outside and inside. As a GAF Certified Master Elite Roofer, All American Roofing offers state of the art white roofing solutions that deliver real “green” benefits – both in terms of the environment and the savings these applications provide.

Elastomeric Roof Coatings are environmentally friendly and Energy Star rated. Because roofs expand and contract throughout the day as temperatures rise and fall, reducing rooftop temperatures can also reduce the wear and tear on roofing systems. Elastomeric Roof Coatings enhance the stability of the buildings by reducing roof top temperatures by as much as 90 degrees. The Department of Energy has determined that a white Elastomeric Roof Coating can improve your buildings energy efficiency up to 50% while reflecting up to 90% of harmful UV rays.

Talk about Savings: The beneficial summer cooling provided by our GAF white elastomeric roof coatings has been shown to actually offset any beneficial heat gain contributed by a black roof in winter by more than tenfold! Our white roofs so effectively reflect the sun’s heat and help prevent it from being absorbed that they can reduce the cost of cooling a home by as much as 20 percent.

In addition, a white elastomeric roof coating system costs less than a new roof as the labor and dump fees associated with coating are less than removing and re-installing an entirely new roof system. Plus, roof coating not only revitalizes your roof, but can extend your existing roof warranty as well.

0.6.11_White_Roof_Coating_ApplicationAs a GAF Certified Master Elite Roofer, All American Roofing offers the industry’s widest selection of ENERGY STAR® qualified roofing systems, including:

  • TPO
  • PVC
  • Roof Restoration Coatings
  • Modified bitumen and built-up roofing
  • Roofing Shingles.

Unlike asphalt roofs, roofs installed with white elastomeric coating, can significantly improve operating costs, reduce utility bills, benefit the surrounding environment and lengthen the lifespan of roofs.

All American Roofing professionals can install, maintain and repair white roof systems on commercial, industrial and residential buildings throughout Delaware, Southeastern Pennsylvania, South Jersey and the Eastern Shore of Maryland’s Delmarva Peninsula. White membrane roof systems are easily installed without disruption to daily operations, and are leak-proof and virtually maintenance free. White coatings can be applied to nearly any roofing surface, including metal roofs, single-ply rubber roofs and modified bitumen roofs.

Why install or maintain a black, energy-wasting roof when you can install a reflective, energy-saving roof, often for the same cost? Contact All American Roofing today for a FREE, Cool Reflective Roofing estimate. Our experts will be happy to talk with you about which type of white roofing, and which roofing materials, are best for your needs.