What To Do With Old Siding

0.6.2_pink-926770_960_720-150x150Old siding on a home or a building can be more of a hazard than a line of defense. It can crack, become a projectile in high winds, or pull away from its point of attachment and allow water to seep in underneath. Fortunately, the team at All American Roofing is highly experienced in many types of siding repair and installation. Here we walk through an overview of how siding is commonly serviced.

Over time, siding can become worn, and even rot and crack. The ideal solution is to replace the damaged siding panel but this is not always possible with older siding or discontinued siding. A patch made of similar material in a similar color may be applied with weather-resistant caulking. A trained contracting professional can install new siding quickly and reliably: as siding is your home’s first line of defense against the elements, a professional job done right is critical!

New siding can be an incredible boost to a home. Better insulation, better protection against leaks, and a new look will all contribute to the safety and value of your home. The team at All American Roofing is well versed in servicing and installing Mastic Siding – call our team today at 302-334-3000 to learn more about siding for your home!