Realtors Reveal that a New Roof Really Pays Off at Sale Time!

New RoofAccording to a report by the National Association of Realtors, the home improvement that home buyers value highest is actually a new roof. In the 2015 Remodeling Impact Report, Realtors ranked home improvement projects based on projected value at the time of a home’s resale. The results revealed that the remodeling project predicted to yield the biggest return on your investment is actually a new roof, which will reap 105% of your costs at resale. Investing in a new roof was followed by a new garage door (87%), new vinyl siding (83%), and new vinyl windows (80%).

While the report found that improvements to your home’s exterior can also pay off big time, renovations aren’t just about resale. Homeowner who improve their homes also enjoy these upgrades themselves. The report found that 64% of home buyers surveyed say they’ve experienced increased enjoyment in their home after completing a remodeling project.

If you’re ready to increase your enjoyment of your home while boosting it’s curb appeal, and make an investment that will pay off both today and in the long run – we can help!
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