Fall Lawn Care Can Pay Off For Seasons to Come!

All American Lawn Caare TipsA beautiful, healthy lawn can be an incredible asset to your home. Not only does a good-looking lawn improve your curb appeal, it makes being outdoors more enjoyable. While fall temperatures are becoming cooler, chilling our mornings and late evenings, it’s the ideal time to tackle a few lawn care essentials to ensure your yard comes through the winter looking great.

Many people just focus on cleaning up leaves and don’t realize that their yard still needs care in order to keep it in good health for the next spring. Here are some tips to keep your yard healthy.

  • Keep MowingFall Lawn Care Tips
    Continue to mow until the grass stops growing. Keep your mower set to 2–2-1/2 inches high. Why?  If your grass gets much taller (more than 3 inches) it will mat, and this could lead to winter lawn disease problems such as snow mold. If you cut it shorter than 2 inches, you’ll severely limit its ability to make and store food for growth in the spring and encourage weed growth.
  • Rake And Remove The Leaves
    Be sure to remove leaves throughout your yard to avoid damage to the grass so you can enjoy a healthier lawn next spring and summer.  Consider composting the leaves as an alternative to bagging and having them hauled away to a landfill.
  • Weed Treatment And Removal330x228_rasking_leaves-a
    One of the best things you can do for your lawn is to treat weeds in the fall. Whether you’re tending warm or cool-season turf, tackling weeds as autumn’s cooler days arrive can help you create a lush and lovely lawn. Fall treatments knock out both annual and perennial weeds and can actually be the key to killing established perennial invaders such as dandelion and clover.
  • Fall Lawn Seeding
    Seeding dead or bare spots and over-seeding the full lawn will help you get dense, plush grass, rich in color next season. This approach helps eliminate spaces for weeds to grow in the spring. Use a fertilizer of your choice to ensure root growth so your lawn will be thick and healthy when the snow melts.
  • Fertilize and Feed
    330x228_all_american_lawn_tipsFall is the ideal time to give your lawn the TLC it needs after the heat and activity of summer and before the harsh winter months.  Everyone fertilizes in spring, but did you know that late fall is the best time to fertilize for root growth. The benefits of fall fertilization extend throughout the year. Fall fertilizing supports deep root growth, and deep, vigorous roots help to grow a thick, green and weed free lawn. That’s because with cooler temperatures, the grass is going to be focusing on root growth. Therefore, we want to build up the density of the grass and encourage the most vigorous, healthy turf we can now to enjoy later.

Fall can be the forgotten season when it comes to caring for your lawn and landscape, but a little attention now can pay dividends for seasons to come. Following a few seasonal recommendations will help ensure the health of your yard. Your landscape professional can offer additional ideas and suggestions to make the most of your outdoor living space.

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