Enhance Your Home and Your Quality of Life with “Daylighting”

Daylighting Your HomeIt’s long been known that the natural light of the sun is beneficial for our health and well-being. More than any other element, natural light can transform dark rooms into uplifting spaces and help make a house a home. Not only does natural light create better ambiance, studies have determined that it’s an essential component of creating a healthy environment – and can actually improve the way we feel.

As the sun is the earth’s natural source of light, “daylighting” is the term used to describe the process of allowing controlled admission of natural light into a home.

Aside from the emotional benefits, daylight has been shown to have a significant impact on our productivity and health. Our eyes and brains simply function more optimally with natural light versus artificial lighting. It has also been observed, especially in comparisons of schools with sufficient daylight over schools reliant on artificial lighting, that children are able to concentrate and maintain focus better when there is ample natural light.

Because rooms filled with sunlight and fresh air appear more spacious and inviting, installing skylights can add value and quality to your home as well as your life.

Studies have found significant advantages to a home saturated in beautiful natural daylight:

  • Daylighting with SkylightsUsing daylight reduces energy costs, energy consumption, and the demand for unsustainable power that is currently challenging the health of earth’s environment.
  • Skylights increase a home’s sales appeal.
  • Daylight helps keep our internal clock on schedule and prevents sleep disorders caused by a circadian rhythm imbalance.
  • Students in a well-lighted environment not only learn better but grow faster.
  • As you age, you are less likely to fall in well-lighted areas.

Natural light is considered to be ‘clean’ light when compared to electric lighting.  This means that natural light is free of electrical flicker (which occurs in most florescent lights due to their cycled A/C power source, and which occurs in most LED’s, to preserve power).  Natural light also contains the full spectrum of visible solar colors, as our eyes were meant to see.

Velux Skylight at All American RoofingTo help you take advantage of the many benefits that sunlight has to offer, members of the All American Roofing been certified as one of the area’s only VELUX 5-star Skylights Specialists. VELUX manufactures a wide range of quality daylighting solutions. From The No Leak skylight and other residential skylights to SUN TUNNEL skylights, to offer a more energy-efficient alternative to lighting dark interior rooms that have had to rely on artificial sources of illumination in the past. With VELUX skylights from All American Roofing any room, including hallways, utility rooms and interior bathrooms, can easily be transformed into bright, cheerful, and welcoming spaces. Bringing into a home the benefits of natural light while keeping out the heat and cold.

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