Commercial Roofing: Special Requirements and Service

0.6.4_city-984268_640-150x116Commercial roofs are designed in many configurations to fit all sorts of purposes, but they all require specialized service. A commercial roof often has a low slope and a material that is vastly different from typical residential material. These unique specifications make using the right commercial roofer highly important.

Many commercial roofs have a very low slope and appear virtually flat. This presents special issues in regards to drainage. Proper drainage is important to discourage rainwater from collecting into ponds on your roof. Ponding can lead your roof material to degrade which dramatically increases the chances of experiencing a roof leak.

Commercial roofing material is also streamlined to best fit the needs of a commercial roof. While many commercial roofs are out of sight, some concern for aesthetics can be put aside in order to create stronger, more functional roofing. This has lead to the increase in popularity of roofing membranes: sheets of roofing material that are sealed together by adhesive that are virtually seamless. Roofing membranes are highly leak resistant but they must be installed properly to exhibit this quality.

Using the Right Roofer

A trained, experienced roofer will best be able to set up your roof for success. In Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, choosing the right roofer is easy: call our team today at 877-ROOF-PRO!