We all know some of the favorite things people like to do on Thanksgiving: watch The Macy’s Day Parade, watch football games… and of course take a nap after gorging on Turkey. And while every family has their own unique twists on Thanksgiving traditions, we’d like to suggest a few recommendations to help you maximize the fun, and create fond family memories.

300x300_family_walkOrganize activities to prevent falling into sedentary couch-potato mode:

  • Take a Walk. Pick an enjoyable destination. All you need to bring are your sneakers and conversation! Or you could join a Thanksgiving road race or road walk.
  • Play Touch Football. Or soccer, tag, hide-n-seek, etc. Just get outside with the gang and do something that involves running around and taking in some nice fresh air.
  • Create a Treasure Hunt. Create a simple treasure map and “prizes.” There can be one prize or multiple prizes, like an egg-hunt. Ideas for prizes: chocolate turkeys (is there such a thing?) or a packet of coins or a gift certificate wrapped up in a box.

Increase the fun factor with games and activities:

  • Play Board Games Get out those games you have in the close. Scrabble, Life, Yahtzee, Trivial Pursuit, Trouble, Chutes & Ladders, whatever.
  • 300x150_playing-a-gamePlay Charades. This doesn’t take much. Make your own rules as you go. Have fun!
  • Tell jokes. You can make it into a game to see if you can get someone to laugh. Can be done as individuals, round-robin, or as teams.

Create new traditions:

  • Spoon Balance on Nose Competition: While this may breach the rules of Thanksgiving table etiquette, we say “go for it”! See who can balance a spoon on their nose the longest period of time. 300x300_spoon_balanceChoose teams, mix young and old family members on each team…instagram or snapchat the competition. The sillier the better.

Share Thanks and Share memories:

  • Share stories. You can pick a theme such as: The greatest day of my life, My favorite memory from childhood, The funniest thing that ever happened to me. Have someone jot down the stories or even videotape the event to play back next year.
  • Share Thanks. At dinner have everyone share what they are thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving all!