White Elastomeric Roof Coatings Provide Green Benefits & Energy Savings!
Record setting summer heat has increasingly made headlines in recent years. In many communities that All American Roofing serves in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania, the large number of traditional flat black roof tops on residential and commercial buildings contribute to the problem because they absorb, retain and radiate heat. As a result the temperature in... [READ MORE]

Roof Crickets Can Ensure Effective Roof Drainage
Hey Jiminy… What’s a Cricket? Of course everybody knows what a cricket is. But contrary to what the average homeowner might think when they hear the phrase “Roof Cricket” or “Chimney Cricket”, we’re not talking about an insect or Pinocchio’s loveable sidekick. Instead, a roof cricket is an important structural element in a properly designed... [READ MORE]

How to Choose a Ladder
The roofing professionals from All American Roofing know that homeowners need to perform regular maintenance on their roof and roofing features to keep them looking great while they protect their home. We also know that in order to maintain your roof, you will need to get on to your roof to perform inspections to determine... [READ MORE]