If you want the extend your or a loved one's bathing independence, a walk-in bathtub is a great solution. These bathtub options promote accessibility and bring confidence to those with mobility restrictions.

As a top-rated bathroom remodeler, we have helped numerous homeowners add a walk-in tub to their homes. This article will cover how walk-in tubs can help to create a safe bathroom environment.

Understanding Bathroom Accessibility

As we age, the standard bathroom design can pose slipping hazards and put us at risk of falling. To create a safer bathroom, it should be modified with handicap-accessible bathroom features.

These features will help to reduce the risks to your safety and allow you to extend bathing independence. However, it's best to follow the standards set by the ADA to ensure the best results for your bathroom. 

Benefits of a Walk-In Bathtub

The enhanced safety features of the walk-in tub allow those with mobility restrictions to enter accessibility. A walk-in tub is equipped with a low threshold and non-slip surfaces that reduce slipping risks. 

Additionally, a walk-in tub has therapeutic advantages like whirlpool jets and hydrotherapy. The bathtub helps to soothe the body and create a relaxing environment for the user. 

How Walk-In Tubs Boost Accessibility

Walk-in bathtubs were designed with accessibility in mind and come with various features that boost safety. The low-threshold and access door allows someone to enter the tub with minimal mobility. 

Once someone enters the tub, they can sit in the built-in seating that creates a comfortable experience. Additionally, most walk-in tubs have accessible controls that can be used by the owner. 

Considerations When Installing a Walk-In Tub

When installing a walk-in bathtub in your home, you will need to make a few considerations. The first is the space and dimensions of your bathroom space. While a walk-in tub is smaller than a traditional tub, it still typically requires 52 inches in length. 

While deciding on your walk-in bathtub design, you can choose from various customizable features. We recommend spending adequate time considering which features would create a safe bathing experience.

Some of the most common features of a walk-in bathtub are:

  • Grab Bars
  • Built-In Seating
  • Hydrotherapy Jets

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