GAF Launches a Residential Roofing Virtual Reality Experience
Since it’s not always practical for a home owner to get up on the roof to understand how a proper roofing system is installed, the new GAF VR (Vitrual Reality) Experience allows home owners to get a glimpse of the GAF Lifetime Roofing System from above. The GAF VR Experience immerses property owners in a... [READ MORE]

Quirky and Festive Retro Holiday Party Dishes
Succulent igloo meatloaf, savory holiday tuna tree, “ah inspiring” spam and lima beans, the classic delectable cocktail weenie Christmas Tree-shaped appetizer and Betty Crocker’s white mystery fruitcake… Such are the dishes that Christmas dreams (culinary nightmares?) of the past are made of. How many of us grew up in the era of the dinner party... [READ MORE]

Pet Friendly Tips To Ensure Purrfectly Happy Howlidays!
The holiday season is upon us, and many families with pets plan to include their furry friends in the fun and festivities. Soon friends and family will be ringing your doorbell with warm, greetings of holiday cheer.  As you get ready to enjoy the holidays, here are a few tips to ensure that our canine and... [READ MORE]

Is Your Roof Ready for Santa and Cold Winter Weather Ahead?
All year long you’ve tried as hard as you could to be nice, despite the constant temptation to be naughty. And very soon you’ll reap the benefits of of all that “niceness” as Santa and his reindeer pay you a visit. He’s making a list and checking it twice. Maybe you should do the same!... [READ MORE]

Color Matters – Choosing The Right Shingles For Your Home
Your roof is an important element in the overall appearance of your home. It’s a key architectural element of your home that visitors often notice first, so your roof color and shingle style color greatly affect your property’s curb appeal. Whether it’s deep brown, light gray, navy blue, soft red, or muted green, the color... [READ MORE]

7 Quick Projects To Get Ready For The Cold Weather To Come
Colder temperatures are right around the corner. And winter in the Northeast can have an significant impact on your home – inside and out. There are a number of simple home weatherization projects that can help keep you more comfortable this winter, while also helping to reduce your energy bills.  Here are a few key... [READ MORE]

Why Proper Attic Ventilation Is Important For Your Home
Now that the Fall season is here and Winter is approaching, saving on energy costs and preventing weather damage are high priorities for home owners. Many homeowners are unaware that a proper roof/attic ventilation system can effectively reduce heating and cooling bills, reduce moisture that can lead to black mold growth, and help prevent roof... [READ MORE]

Fall Roof & Gutter Maintenance Tips
While proper maintenance is important year-round, during the Fall it’s especially important to ensure that your roof and gutter systems will be ready to handle the snowy winter months that lie ahead. Here are a few maintenance tips to help make sure your roof is ready for another winter in Delaware, Southeastern Pennsylvania, along Maryland’s... [READ MORE]

Fall Lawn Care Can Pay Off For Seasons to Come!
A beautiful, healthy lawn can be an incredible asset to your home. Not only does a good-looking lawn improve your curb appeal, it makes being outdoors more enjoyable. While fall temperatures are becoming cooler, chilling our mornings and late evenings, it’s the ideal time to tackle a few lawn care essentials to ensure your yard... [READ MORE]

Enhance Your Home and Your Quality of Life with “Daylighting”
It’s long been known that the natural light of the sun is beneficial for our health and well-being. More than any other element, natural light can transform dark rooms into uplifting spaces and help make a house a home. Not only does natural light create better ambiance, studies have determined that it’s an essential component... [READ MORE]